Frictionless Shopping is Here!

You’ve had a great day! You were a Rockstar at work, you finished all your work an hour early, and you will be ahead of work traffic. Your mind is in a good place. No worries.


On your way out of the office, you get a text. “If you wouldn’t mind, could you pick up a few things at the store on your way home?” Game over. You don’t mind the detour, but you know that you’ll have to deal with the crowd and lines at the store. The delay will put you back into work traffic at the worse time. You came close to the perfect day, but with one short, simple text message, it’s gone.


There is a better way. For the times you have to “stop by the store,” technology has provided a way for you to stop and get what you need without any delays. A frictionless store is a new, innovative shopping concept. Using a shopping app and smart shelf technology, a customer can enter, shop, and leave without needing anyone else to handle the items selected or to process payment.


The Consumer


A frictionless shopping experience starts at the entrance to the physical store. After checking in using a shopping app, you simply walk through the store, search for and select what you need, and use the app to check out at the exit. As you remove an item from a smart shelf, the app will automatically sync with your virtual shopping cart. When you finish shopping, use the shopping app to check out at the exit. The items in your virtual shopping cart will be processed using your pre-selected electronic payment method.


Smart shelves combine many technologies to make your shopping experience simple, reliable, and wait-free. You do not need to scan items. You do not need to add items to an online shopping cart. You do not need to take your debit or credit card out to pay for your items. The shopping app and smart shelf technology take care of all of that. All you need to do is find your items and place them into your physical shopping bag. Fully integrated shopping apps can even help during these steps.


The Store


The stores themselves benefit from the frictionless shopping experience. There is no longer a need to have a person check you out and process your payment. It doesn’t make sense that you take items from the shelf, put them in a physical shopping cart, get into a check-out line and wait, take everything out of the cart, have someone else inventory your items, take payment, and put everything in a bag for you to carry out of the store. Yet, we do this every time we visit a physical store. Shopping apps and smart shelf technology simplify the process for both you and the store.


The Product


Product brands gain from the use of interactive shopping apps. You can use the app to search for what you need and see the options available. Brands can show promotions on your phone – as you shop. When using a fully integrated shopping app, brands know what you are buying. They can send you coupons and incentives while you are still in the store. In today’s digital marketing world, shopping with you is the perfect product vendor scenario.



We all shop online. It is simple, fast, and convenient. There is no reason why physical shopping should be any different. The frictionless shopping experience is a win for you, stores, and products. The frictionless store is the next step in our rapidly changing economy. No contact. No delays. No worries.